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The survey, commissioned by various national media outl

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I live through on the 17 day diet regime for stages one and two only – so for 34 days. The first phase is somewhat like the Atkins diet although there isn’t much roasting involve and there I experience hunger pangs all the time. I surely could take in limitless protein and vegetables, that is excellent and really healthy. However, I was craving sweet things and the couple of strawberries and the portion of yoghurt which I was allowed didn’t satisfy me. I estimate that I was basically living on only 1200 calories each day that is very lower Dele Alli Jersey , so it was indeed fortunate that the exercise programme basically required that I actually do 17 minutes of workout. If you are going to ask me if I lose an excess weight , my answer is a resounding yes! You would lose weight on the best diets to lose weight fast offering 1200 calories too. And although the foods are really healthy I still feel weak and hungry and I reckon that water is what I mostly loss in this stage plus the fact that I always feel constipated. Stage two has been basically many of the same, however I’d been allowed to eat some carbs. On this phase I estimate that I was living off 1500 calories a day. This would be a small, yet very pleasant increase. For those who have done South Beach diet, you know what to expect in this stage.

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BOGOTA Harry Kane Jersey , March 20 (Xinhua) -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is poised to win re-election, but he may have to compete against rival candidates in a runoff, according to a poll published by national media Thursday.

A survey by global polling firm Gallup shows Santos would garner 32.5 percent of the votes in an initial round, allowing him to advance to a second round of voting that he would win with 47.2 percent of the votes.

The survey, commissioned by various national media outlets Hugo Lloris Jersey , shows both rival candidates would trail Santos in the first round, including Democratic Center Party candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, 54, with 15.6 percent of the votes, and Green Party candidate Enrique Penalosa Tottenham Hotspur Jersey , 59, with 11.3 percent.

In a runoff, Santos, of the conservative Social Party of National Unity (PSUN), would win by a wide margin Isco Jersey , with his closest rival, Zuluaga, garnering just 29.7 percent.

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