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Lack of Stop Loss Order to the Broker: Beginner Investors may, for reasons and reasons, not specify the order to stop their losses for their broker. Perhaps, when prices reach the point of loss, they will accept the loss and manually withdraw from the deal, but it must also have a brain drain to prevent major losses. Interrupting access to the broker (disconnecting the internet and phone) and sudden events of price changes can cause you to suffer more than the amount predicted before the transaction, and in case of this, nobody will answer your question. At the same time as you initiate each transaction, specify the order for your broker. Thus, you have insured your transaction for big losses.توصيات forex
- Not paying attention to open deals: Not paying attention to open trades and orders can be one of the reasons for the loss of capital. Everyone knows that investing and continuing concentration on prices is boring and tedious, but negligence and neglect can also have bad consequences for inventory. If you have open trades based on your own method of monitoring market conditions, do not engage yourself in multiple transactions, as doing so will focus on some of your deals. It may have been more profitable or less likely to stop those losses. If you do not get emotions, do not ignore your transactions and do not leave them.
- Misinterpretation of news: The incorrect interpretation of news may be due to lack of knowledge, but there are many things that you know enough, but you do not experience the reaction of the market to that news. Your assumptions for news can be perfectly correct, but the role of experience and insight in interpreting news is much more important than science. Avoid trades as long as you do not have the necessary experience on the news.افضل شركات الوساطة المالية
- Submitting deals to the odds: Submitting deals to but and if derived from the behavior of gamblers. Manage your deals, try to improve them and keep track of them. Be sure you can not succeed in the financial market with luck. Knowledge, experience and transaction management are the most important success factors in transactions. Do not lose your capital.

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