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Renz Somejo
   It's comfortable and really does block the light.
Judy Seals Stegall
   I enjoyed the movie very much(story line).  The actors were great, made you feel you were seeing the real people.  I, as always dislike the swear words used but the script was written as the way they would have really talked to each other and others, I'm sure.  And of course I loved the music as it's from my era.  I believe I'll watch it again maybe more than once.  I never thought they had such a hard and scary life\music career, it really surprised me.  What an interesting life.  As for the quality of watching the movie on instant prime on my pc, well, that was very good, too.
Laura Legrand
   Super comfortable and cute. It runs large but it doesn't look bad
Mikaela Thea Mata - Flores
   I absolutely loved Jaime's unbridled honesty. The book was well written and easy to read. Jaime shows that a celebrity can be really real. Take a bow, Jaime, you deserve it.

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